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(New) Ranks on MGS3D?JGlascock17/30 8:28AM
So this version gets crouch walking but the Vita version doesn't? (Archived)Zero_Maniac14/23 8:40AM
6 hours in on new 3ds (Archived)MooseAttack91114/18 5:59PM
Does this game run better on nee 3ds? (Archived)Gitarooman42/18 5:07PM
Miiverse (Archived)djmdjmdjm11/18 12:47AM
Did anyone else download the MGS theme? (Archived)Fort_Wayne21/11 2:46PM
Should I get this version of the game? (Archived)Lion350312/26 5:56PM
this game is coming to the US eshop on December 18. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
youwiththeface1212/23 10:46PM
Shooting the bombs on the bridge is impossible (Archived)IAMGIYGAS38/22 5:10PM
Need cart pics, also sound problems (Archived)Not_Shoryus_Alt26/2/2014
Can't find copy of game anywhere. (Archived)archnone225/15/2014
Question about a no-alert run on Extreme (Archived)funkytoad15/1/2014
Gonna attempt Foxhound run (Archived)Tyranius214/19/2014
I just got this game on 3DS. Is it possible to roll into prone in this version? (Archived)MultiKoopa24/17/2014
[3DS]Drag guards in CQC (Archived)Liquidje33/17/2014
EZ gun unlock question (Archived)davis_11/1/2014
This is my favorite version of my favorite MGS (Archived)knightmere122210/31/2013
MGO1 is back... in 4 days! (Archived)Jon_God19/30/2013
Question about restarting a new game+ (Archived)KeitaroYevon38/13/2013
What are the IDs of Snake, Ocelot, and Raikov's ribbons? (Major spoilers) (Archived)eric_otness18/7/2013
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