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3 years ago#1
So, I've never played the first Mgs before. I have both this and the second one for Ps2. To keep it short: I'm not a fan of watching other people play. So because of that I never have and never will watch a Lets play of the First one.

So, down to the point: I just beat this game not even 20 minutes ago. And man am I confused. When i beat the second one, I wasn't really phased by it. But now Im just plain lost.

So I was wondering how the series all ties up to someone who hasnt played the fourth one or peace walker? Like if someone could be kind enough to sum up the first one and then say how it all mixes up, that'd be great!

Thanks in advance, your deeds will be much appreciated!

Ps: Dont forget to mark your post with Series Spoilers!
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3 years ago#2
summarizing the first game is pretty difficult >___>

your best bet is to read the wiki summary on it.

but MGS3 is a prequel, it takes place BEFORE mgs1, i hope you notice that. So you don't need to play MGS1 or MGS2 to understand 3's story at all.
3 years ago#3
You're practically asking the impossible. :P

MGS1 laid the foundation for the series and all the other games connect to it one way or another.

In other words, no wonder you are confused. It contains a lot of crucial information, plot elements and even explains some of the events from the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.
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3 years ago#4
Thanks to the both of you.

And well, Yeah i noticed it takes place before the other two. I was just wondering how it explained moments of the other two. But yeah, ill probably have to read a summary somewhere... Or wait doesnt MGS2 have one in it? I think it does! Don't know why never bothered reading it... Anyhow thanks.....
You know what they say: It's all fun and games until somebody spontaneously combusts........

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