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What are the IDs of Snake, Ocelot, and Raikov's ribbons? (Major spoilers) (Archived)eric_otness18/7/2013
So are the original 2 games still included? (Archived)DazuroGhenari47/26/2013
MGS3: 3D or HD version? (Archived)UltraMarcus27/26/2013
Roll while laying down? (Archived)ShadowOfTheKman27/19/2013
What do all the answers to the "what metal gear do you like" grant you in game? (Archived)squirrel_boy47/13/2013
So how do you grab people so that the dpad comes up (Archived)Natural_Science37/7/2013
C3 help (spoilers!) (Archived)RagnarJarlsson36/29/2013
Convince me to keep this game! (Archived)VentKazemaru96/13/2013
Should I get this or Subsistence? (Archived)Felldrak76/12/2013
Circle paf problems (Archived)demigod198724/27/2013
EVA's hot for the Boss? (Archived)OmegaLink13774/21/2013
Question to anyone from Bay of Pigs or friends of them (MAJOR Spoilers) (Archived)eric_otness14/21/2013
New to MGS and got this one. Got a question *spoilers maybe?* (Archived)Bugorchestra74/20/2013
Question about animal,and plant hunt (Archived)demigod198734/19/2013
I have a question about Ocelot (Archived)demigod198724/13/2013
new 3DS update helps with framerate issues (Archived)GameMaster14GM104/7/2013
question about the end (Archived)demigod198754/2/2013
Wanting a no kil. No alert game (Archived)demigod198733/31/2013
Feeling Drunk XD (Archived)SSJDennis23/28/2013
Why do I want to get this so bad! (Archived)Mr_Man_2933/24/2013
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