Condensed Guide to Saving All Characters and Unlocking All Routes *SPOILERS*

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5 years ago#1
Didn't see anything quite like this after a quick search, so here's a condensed list of all the optional events/choices needed in order to keep every character alive and have access to all the routes (it's possible to have them all available on a single playthrough), with a few titles thrown in. Events in italics do not take up any time. You can pretty much just skip everything else aside from the mandatory events, and it doesn't seem to matter how you reply to emails. In this case, I never replied back to anything. With a few exceptions, no one seemed to even care that I wasn't responding. >_>

1st Day

Nothing important.

2nd Day

15:00 Kanda - Kaido (Mari & Keisuke)
15:30 Kanda - Kaido & Mari (Mari & Keisuke)
16:00 Kanda - Kaido (Mari & Keisuke)
18:00 Shibuya - Whimsical ghost !BATTLE! (Defeat Ghost Q - Prize Winner Title) *New Game + Only*

3rd Day

10:00 Ikebukuro - Atsuro (Muckraker title)
14:30 Ikebukuro - Atsuro (Muckraker title)
15:00 Akihabara - Atsuro ("Go for it." - Muckraker Title)
15:30 Suibashi - Midori !BATTLE! (Black Frost)
17:30 Shinjuku - Midori (Black Frost)

4th Day

12:30 Shiba Park - Gin ("Want me to help?" - Gin's Route)
13:00 Ometesand, Shinagawa, Roppongi, Shinagawa again - Ask about Aya (Gin's Route)
13:00 Omotesand - Gin ("This Azuma guy..." - Gin's Route)
14:30 Shingawa - Azuma (Gin's Route/Atsuro's Route)
17:00 Shibuya - Haru ("We'll destroy the demons." & "We can do it!" or "Demons were already here." - All Routes Except Yuzu's and Possibly Atsuro's/Haru's Savior Title)
18:30 Kanda, Ueno - Look for Mari's bag (Mari)
18:30 Aoyama - Netherworld Soldier !BATTLE! (Ghost Buster Title) *New Game + Only*

5th Day

9:00 Shiba Park - Kaido ("About Mari..." & 'Hand over Mari's bag' - Mari & Keisuke)
9:30 Shinagawa - Azuma (Gin's Route/Atsuro's Route)
10:00 Akihabara - Atsuro (Gin's Route/Atsuro's Route)
12:00 Kudans***a - Mari !BATTLE! (Let Mari/Kresnik Finish off Kudlak - Mari/Mari's Savior Title)
13:00 Shiba Park - Keisuke !BATTLE! ("That's the wrong idea!"/"Alright, let's go." - Midori Stays/Keisuke Joins/Keisuke's Savior Title)
18:00 Kudans***a - Marquis of Hell !BATTLE! (Hell Fighter Title) *New Game + Only*
18:30 Nagata-cho - Naoya !BATTLE! (Defeat at Least Six Demons in Three Moves - Naoya's Route)

6th Day

9:00 Kanda - Mari ("Think about it more." - Mari Can Join Later in All Routes Except Yuzu's)
9:30 Nagata-cho - Contamination Area !BATTLE! (Mandatory, Passes Time)
10:00 Shinjuku - ??? !BATTLE! ('Help out the demons' - Black Frost Can Join on 7th Day in Gin's Route and Kaido/Naoya's Route)
12:00 Roppongi - Gin & Azuma !BATTLE! (Gin's Route/Gin's Savior Title)
12:30 Shibuya - Atsuro (Atsuro's Route Unlocked)
13:00 Omotesando - Gin ("We'll help you." - Gin's Route)
13:30 Shinagawa - Gin & Amane (Gin's Route Unlocked)
14:00 Aoyama - Naoya (Naoya's Route Unlocked)
16:30 Shiba Park - Amane ("A path to obey God?" & "That doesn't sound bad." - Amane's Route Unlocked)
17:00 Shibuya - Kaido ("Damn straight." or "Morality can bite me." - Kaido's Route)
17:30 Shinagawa - Shomonkai Facility (Kaido's Route)
17:30 Shibuya - Kaido (Kaido's Route Unlocked)
18:30 Shiba Park - Wielder of Time !BATTLE! (Sleepwaker Title) *New Game + Only*
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5 years ago#2
At the end of the 6th day, you'll be able to choose which route you want to take by meeting with the appropriate person, assuming you met all the requirements for their path. Yuzu's route is available by default, so if you completely mess up everything else, then you're stuck with her route. With a few small differences, Kaido's route and Naoya's route are pretty much the same. You'll even unlock both of them on the save screen by completing either route.

If you saved Mari and told her to think more about joining your group, she'll show up a bit after you've made your choice and ask to join your party, either at the end of the 6th day or at the beginning of the 7th day (except for Yuzu's route). If you helped Black Frost protect the demons and went with Gin's route or Kaido/Naoya's route, he'll appear at the beginning of the 7th day as well and ask to join the group.

If you unlocked the "Fallen Star" reward at the beginning of a NG+ playthrough, the Fallen Morning Star battle will appear in Nagato-cho after defeating Belzaboul (not available on Yuzu's route). This is the only time in the whole game this battle is available, since you won't be able to leave the Hills building once you ascend it. This battle won't appear in any of the 8th days, either. This boss can be very tough if you're not prepared, but it's necessary to defeat it in order to unlock the strongest demon in the game, along with the Star Destroyer title. Note that you won't see any titles you've earned until you finish the game, including the 8th day if you choose to do it.
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5 years ago#3
Nice work! I think you do have to respond positively to some of the emails though. It should be pretty obvious what to pick.
5 years ago#4
for the sheer convenience of going to this instead of searching through a faq or something similar, im stickying.
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5 years ago#5

From: Ngirl | #003
Nice work! I think you do have to respond positively to some of the emails though. It should be pretty obvious what to pick.

Like I said, I didn't reply to any of the emails while working on this, so I don't think it should matter unless replying negatively makes a difference. Most of the characters just carried on with the emails as usual (they didn't seem any different from me responding positively), though Midori did note at one point that she realized I "may not read this email." Yuzu also outright asked me if I didn't like her emailing me, which I promptly ignored. I actually feel like a bit of an ass, now.
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5 years ago#6
great quick guide here, I've requested sticky topic for it as I'm sure plenty of people will find it useful including myself
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5 years ago#7
*Skims it over* Yeah, not bad. It's pretty much what I did in my play-through.
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5 years ago#8
Added this to the collaborative Faq under supplemental data with credit to you SilentLoner
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5 years ago#9
Huh, didn't even know about Collaborative FAQs until now. Well, I cleaned up the format a bit so it should be much easier to read now. Thanks for the help.
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5 years ago#10
no problem
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