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6 years ago#1
As excited as I am about this game, being a huge SSFIV fan, I just can't imagine plaing this without my trusty arcade stick, or at least 6 face button sega saturn style layout... I have Street Fighter Alpha 3 on PSP, and as great a game as it is, plaing with a plus shaped D Pad, 4 face buttons and 2 shoulder buttons just doesn't feel good, and makes it much harder to play...

and hardcore SF fans have any thoughts on the matter, is the touch screen solutin really a good one? it would be hard to switch between face buttons and touch screen mid combo...
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6 years ago#2
Agreed. But I gotta admit I had a ton of fun with match of the millenium on NeoGeo pocketcolor, and that was only two buttons.
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6 years ago#3
yeah, that worked because it was a different game entirely, not to mention the NGPC's lovely little stick thing, but SFA3 for PSP really makes me worry about a 6 button fighter working on a 4 face button handeld. the touch screen macros will be a necessity for ultras of course..., since pressing X, Y and L simultaneously will be a little awkward, especially given the complexity of FADC combos, but taking your thumb of the buttons to press the screen... i dunno... it has me worried

one things for sure, the analog stick will definitely be better than the 3DS tiny d pad
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6 years ago#4
I'm pretty well used to it by now, seeing how I played nearly all my fighters with a pad in the past (which includes SFA3 on PSP). Heck, I started playing SFIV with a pad. I was able to play just fine, and I was even able to do a few ultras (Guile's/Vega's included).

Though I mainly use stick now, playing on the 3DS shouldn't effect me much. And no way am I going to use the touchscreen for macros and such.

It feels very uncomfortable at first. But as you play overtime, I'm sure your hands will adapt.
6 years ago#5
You can use it to mainly practice those BnB combos which involve mostly light and medium attacks.
6 years ago#6
Yeah, i can see myself practicing giefs cr LK links or Kens cr Mp > st Hp links, in a way it could be cool, 3DS could be totally lagless, but that might throw me off when transitioning to my tv and PS3... ah sure, we'll see in a couple of months, still very interested in this game
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6 years ago#7
Let's just hope the game will really run at perfect 60fps. If it's less lag than at our TVs that should be bearable. ;)

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