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4 years ago#11
I didn't read his question either when I talked to him yesterday and just replied "Easter island". Looks like it was the good answer since I got a Moai statue as a gift in his letter today. :)
4 years ago#12
I got bagpipe on my own, but when Google gave me tartan check, I was able to pick out kilt, which made the dinosaur I deciphered earlier make sense (Nessie, natch). And the seagull clapped, so that means today was Scotland.
4 years ago#13
I got a Shamrock Clock that hangs on the wall from Johnny. It can be ordered from my catalog.
4 years ago#14
Johnny's back. He mentions deep color, hula dance, and "Aloha." My choices are 1) Saipan, 2) Hawaii, 3) Maldive, or 4) Guam.
4 years ago#15
Just found him. He asked me what country this phrase was from "My maple syrup" (wasn't written in English, was in katakana).

The answer was, of course, Canada :p
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4 years ago#16
Last time, I got a Hula Doll for answering "Hawaii." This time, I'm not really understanding what he's getting at. He did mention "Ireland," though. Anyway, my choices are 1) Hawaii island, 2) Easter island, 3) Bali island, or 4) Yosta island,
4 years ago#17
Here's Johnny! This time I picked out "lake" and "Nessie" well before he started mentioning the other clues I caught near the end last time. Of course, it's Scotland again.

And by the way, you get a bagpipe.

The quiz would be considerably easier if Gulliver didn't "speak" in katakana. Makes it harder to pick out the foreign words that are key to the answer. But I suppose they transcribe his dialog like that to indicate that all his dialog is "foreign".
4 years ago#18
Johnny's on my beach this morning. Unfortunately, I didn't catch what he was hinting. My choices were 1) Vietnam, 2) Indo, 3) Nippon, and 4) Thai. I chose Indo.
4 years ago#19
I found him in my alternate town, today. He's mentioning "Cossack dance" and "matryoshka." My choices are 1) Iceland, 2) Swiss, 3) Russia, or 4) Canada.
4 years ago#20
I woke Gulliver up with the bullhorn today. The game didn't like my first two attempts to pronounce "Jonii"; I was probably a little too American. But on my third try ("Joe Knee"), he popped right up with a start.

Perhaps he didn't appreciate my new technique, because instead of the expected pages and pages and pages of dialog, he asked the question so fast that I missed it entirely. My choices were Indonesia, Singapore, Palau, and the Philippines. I guess Palau because that seemed like the one that didn't belong, but no.

While writing this post, I need to verify the romanji of Johnny, and to do so, I called up my favorite last-resort-answer-site--

Not only did they have the spelling I needed, but they seem to have all of his questions and answers already on file. I guess from here on out, I will first try to see I can handle his trivia quiz on my own, but before I give my final answer, I'll request a lifeline from there.

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