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Just beat this game.

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2 years ago#11
ODomm posted...
Hours_Left posted...
Final Party: Hero, Marina, Stitches, Octavian, Ankha & Takoya
(The octopi combo attack is soooooooooo broken.)

I'm so glad I got the gold axe before taking on the last boss. It's so much easier when you can deflect his mortgage beam.

Bad party, it is severely lacking Camofrog

I second this. Think if you can get Filbert too, he'll be very useful
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2 years ago#12
Wait. How did you beat it by listening to music?!

I just sat on a bench in front of a tree and the game ended!!! Did I miss the secret alternate ending?!?
Guys... it was announced that there are TADPOLES in AC:NL.
This game needs to come out now... if you don't mind, Nintendo of America.
2 years ago#13
turtley_turtle1 posted...
Wait. How did you beat it by listening to music?!

I just sat on a bench in front of a tree and the game ended!!! Did I miss the secret alternate ending?!?

You have to do the Side Quest to find the Gyro-orb then give it to K.K. He well then give you a green apple which you must give to saharah. She will give you a black turnip which you give to joan, and she will give you a Ultra Swim suit. After doing this, talk to Pascal, who will give you a map, show it to Kappn and he will drive you to Keke Mountains, where you will begin your quest.
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2 years ago#14
Oh my god! the ending sucks!! turns out *giant spoiilers**

the village is nothing more than a machine that Abstergo created to collect the cosmic signatures of dead people and imprison those captured souls into animals in this virtual reality. All this by Templars. That's why it's called Animal CROSSing. Man, the AC series is amazing but this ending is a huge letdown. At least skinning bears is fun,

*end spoilers*
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2 years ago#15
Third post in this topic is funny.
2 years ago#16
I approve of this topic.
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