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Friend Code Exchange

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3 years ago#1
Hey guys, I'm still looking for more friends to add for AC! I'm in high school and will be playing this game over summer break and beyond.

My FC is 4296-4329-8316, my name is Devin. Add me and I will add you back right away! Thanks if you already add me from another friend topic!
3 years ago#2
Oh, I added you. :)

My friend code is: 0834-0663-4493

And my name is Lily. ^^
3DS FC: 0834-0663-4493
3 years ago#3
Thanks Lily I added you! I will check on this throughout the day :3
3 years ago#4
You're welcome. :D
Thank you too! ^^
3DS FC: 0834-0663-4493
3 years ago#5
Added you both.
3DS FC: 2423-2179-0888
Name: Star
3 years ago#6
Thanks guys, anymore post your FC here and I will add you.
3 years ago#7
I will add everyone that is in here :D if anyone else is interested my FC is on the sig. Im a 21 year old male and the "name" is Tofu. Hope we can have fun!
PSN: Tofuman2021
3DS Friend code: 5000-2002-8067
3 years ago#8
Added errbody.

This is... Rock. You remembered what I like. Thank you.
3 years ago#9
TakayaNoriko posted...
Added errbody.


Added back. Hope we can be good friends as well. :}D
PSN: Tofuman2021
3DS Friend code: 5000-2002-8067
3 years ago#10
Sure, I'll do this exchange... I just got my 3DS yesterday, where would my code be at?

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