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How to unlock StreetPass ability?

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User Info: HibikiRush

3 years ago#1
Can anyone give me info on how to unlock the StreetPass ability in the game? I just got my house built by Nook, I want to be able to get SPs in time for E3 on Tuesday. if anyone can tell me what I need to do to have the ability I'd appreciate the info.

User Info: wolfman6666

3 years ago#2
try talking to the guy at the station maybe? i forget how i activated it.
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User Info: KBlack2595

3 years ago#3
the guid book sayes u get it the day after your first house is built
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User Info: siegeshot

3 years ago#4
This may be different for everyone, but I got my tent and all of that so I could officially save the game, went out, went back in, and viola. Would you like to turn street pass on! I was like sure yes please even though I got hosed out of PAX Prime tickets by a few minutes, I'd love my street pass on just in case.

/heavy sigh
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User Info: Arrei

3 years ago#5
That was asking for SpotPass, StreetPass doesn't open until you have a house of your own to send to other people.

User Info: HibikiRush

3 years ago#6
So what are the requirements to have a house to send to other people? Do I need to pay off my debt to Tom Nook?

User Info: Extortions

3 years ago#7
Pay first dept then it unlocks I think a day after.

User Info: HibikiRush

3 years ago#8
Just had this unlock for me, didn't need to pay a debt I think you just need to actually have been a mayor for 3 days before it unlocks.
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  3. How to unlock StreetPass ability?

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