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Gulliver -.-

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User Info: AiXinYe

3 years ago#1
I seriously want to slap Gulliver. Apparently he isnt getting up after talking to him for the past 15 minutes or so -.-
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User Info: wolfman6666

3 years ago#2
lol... i had him today. got up in like 10-15 chats
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User Info: AiXinYe

3 years ago#3
My first time i saw him, i talked to him a few times but this one, he's being a complete total Douch bag.
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User Info: DanmakuLover

3 years ago#4
Yeah the same for me, I was getting worried that I was doing something wrong since its been a long time for me seeing him.
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User Info: SilverClock

3 years ago#5
Wow really? I talked to him once and he got right up. Guess he just thought my town was so awesome that he didn't want to waste time sleeping through the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
"Complacency is the womb of mediocrity." ~Jason Manley
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User Info: OpShaft

3 years ago#6
Get a megaphone
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User Info: KC_CheeseKing

3 years ago#7
I wonder if hitting him with your net would wake him up? I've gotta try that next time I see him.
Lessons not learned in blood are soon forgotten.

User Info: ImYoungxD

3 years ago#8
Get a megaphone and say his name.

He will wake up.
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User Info: Thewinner14

3 years ago#9
He woke up on my 2nd try yesterday.
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