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Golden Tools.

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User Info: Childofgaia

3 years ago#1
Are there still golden tools? I tried getting the Golden Shovel but when I dug it back up, it didn't work.
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User Info: Mothership1953

3 years ago#2
*points to Liquefy's FAQ* Did you try looking there?
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User Info: pokemonpokemon4

3 years ago#3
The way to get them changed.
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User Info: Flintlock_Staff

3 years ago#4
You get some of them differently. Like the shovel is buying 50 fertilizers when you get the final upgrade of the nookling's shop.
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User Info: joelanator0492

3 years ago#5
It's different this time around.

Silver Shovel: Donate enough specimens to the museum on Main Street to unlock the second-floor expansion as a public work project. Complete the project, then visit the museum's second-floor shop daily to see if the silver shovel might be for sale. the silver shovel gives you a 10 percent greater chance of finding Bells when you smack rocks with a shovel.

Golden Shovel: Purchase 50 bags of fertilizer from Leif at the gardening store, and he will reward you with a golden shovel. This super shovel lets you grow trees that sprout bags of bells simply by planting bells in the ground.

that came straight from the Prima guide.
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User Info: Childofgaia

3 years ago#6
Thanks, everybody. I ended up looking at the FAQ!
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