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How to change time within game?

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3 years ago#1
I'm experiencing this time glitch:

Basically my game cart and the 3DS times are no longer synced.

One response to fix the problem was this:

BdowDELL222 posted...

I also just found out you can reset the in-game time to the internal clock, so I did that.

Since the clock reset to more than 2 years ago in the past, I was expected some drastic changes. Maybe because I didn't save it and turned the system off as soon as my brother loaded the town? Either way, I'm glad the damage is minimal.

How can I change the time while playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf in-game? I remember you could do this in-game in Wild World with the phone. What's the method here?
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3 years ago#2
When the game loads up choose your character and click on "I need help first..." then "Set the time."
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Nick @ Camelot
3 years ago#3
At the beginning screen, when Isabelle greets you, don't choose "Let's go", choose the second option. I haven't done this, but I know a friend who did. Just follow some steps and change the game time from there to sync up the two times.
Do A Barrel Roll!
3 years ago#4
You guys are awesome, thanks!
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