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ITT: We rate our villagers.

#1SparklelordPosted 6/25/2013 10:43:58 PM
Title says it all.
List you villagers in terms of preference with your favourites at the top, and your least at the bottom.

Hamlet (Hamster)
Lucky (Dog)
Keaton (Eagle)
Bones (Dog)
Pippy (Rabbit)
Renee (Rhino)
Angus (Bull)
Peaches (Horse)
Tutu (Bear)

Hamlet tops the list since I actually owned a hamster as a kid named Hamlet (we even called her Hamie, his catchphrase).

Tutu goes at the bottom for bringing up dialogue about her Heart tee every time I talk to her.
I hate you Tutu, so so much. You perturb me.
#2Rayze_DarrPosted 6/25/2013 10:53:11 PM
Lucy the Pig (Always invites me over and gives me gifts)
Gaston the Rabbit (Dat mustache, and all the Sloppy Furniture)
Prince the Frog (Nostalgia for my first Animal Crossing town)
Ken the Rooster (Love his design and his house)
Pudge the Bear Cub (Chill guy, gave me a ton of furniture when he camped in my town)
Frita the Sheep (Not very attractive, but great Public Works suggestions)
Rowan the Tiger (A bit full of himself, but I love his house)
Bubbles the Hippo (Every town needs its self-centered fatty)
Pancetti the Pig (Two fleas in ten minutes! Girl, you nasty...)
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#3ChicagoTed_Posted 6/25/2013 10:54:10 PM
I ****ing hate Pietro.

****ing nightmare abomination.
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#4gaubonganvungPosted 6/25/2013 11:01:47 PM
Bones_ I like him the most, he greet me with " I am a shooting star" lol
Leonardo_ just move to my village so I haven't talk much to him
Frita_ there is something strange about her/him
Olaf Don't like the most

I don't like Olaf because he often has fleas ( have to caught twice for him today) and he argues a lot with other villagers... If tomorrow I see him with fleas again I think I will kick him out... it go against my town's ordinance which is beautiful town.
I love Bones because he is a dog ( although I like cat better but I don't have any cat in my town to put on the list) He is so adorable and simple minded which is fun to talk which :)
The rest I don't mind since they helped watering flower a lot and gave me lots of gifts. But I prefer other animals. It is so strange that all of my village are in pair... I have 2 bears, 2 birds, 2 anteaters, 1 dog, 1 leotard, and 1 sheep.
#5captainstamosPosted 6/25/2013 11:03:08 PM
Pietro. I know a lot of people find him creepy but I find him adorable and I love his house. :p
Drago (alligator)
Stitches (bear cub) I guess I like colorful villagers!
Tangy (Cat)
Cookie (Dog)
Diana (Deer)
Coco the rabbit is definitely my least favorite of all time, ever. Those black, emotionless eyes.
#6DoctorPiranha3Posted 6/25/2013 11:06:44 PM

I couldn't stand Vladimir in the GC game, but he's grown on me here. Sparro is probably my besty, but Mira is just too awesome looking to ignore.
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#7RayKnightPosted 6/25/2013 11:15:01 PM



Beau? Supposedly he moved in but I HAVE NEVER SEEN HIM ANYWHERE! He disappeared when Coco moved in. Always having an "I am on a snack run" outside but no matter where I go, I cannot find him...
I didn't kill him. He seemed like a pretty decent guy.
But I did shoot him in the testicles.
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#8theSpiccoliPosted 6/25/2013 11:15:10 PM
Kid Cat
The yellow horse girl, I don't remember her name, but she sucks
#9ShineboltPosted 6/25/2013 11:15:36 PM
Miranda - pink snooty duck
Pippy - blue peppy rabbit
Hamlet - hamster jock
Lopez - no idea what he is or his personality type
Butch - black/brown dog
Ava - normal everyday chicken
Puck - blue penguin dood
Deli - very uninspired monkey
Diva - purple thing, err frog

I'm honestly surprised how much Miranda and Pippy grew on me, Hamlet and Lopez are pretty neat but it takes a sharp decline after that. Butch and Ava are there for the sentimental "first villagers" thing and then there's Puck who is pretty boring (and he won't let me change his catchphrase to "Dood!" >_<). I only keep Diva around for the free medicine because she's my only Uchi.

If you noticed I forgot Deli its because he's even more duller then Puck who only beats Deli out for his potential as a Prinny. To be perfectly honest though i don't dislike any of them I just have preferences.
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#10GizmonicPosted 6/25/2013 11:18:33 PM
Rosie/Cat - She's silly and nice and l like cats.
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