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Japanese House Exterior???

#1FrogfuciusPosted 6/27/2013 7:44:54 PM
Hey guys - I'm trying to make a Japanese themed house, but can't seem to figure out what the full package is. I've got the Zen Door, and black tile roof - but what are the best options for pathway, house siding, and mailbox??

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#2LT8Posted 6/27/2013 7:46:18 PM
I think there is a Zen siding, and definitely a zen mailbox as I have had that in my Nooks before. Not sure about a fence, pretty sure there is a zen door too though.
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#3Raven236Posted 6/27/2013 7:46:30 PM
Zen Garden, you need that for a traditional Japanese house.

Unless you are going for the small apartment look.
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#4PokekingPosted 6/30/2013 6:09:43 AM
There is a zen fence. Black tile roof for the roof.
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