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Gracie Fashion Check: Is MoriDB or Thonky more accurate?

#1pichu_palPosted 7/6/2013 4:35:23 PM
Hey everyone!

I don't have Gracie access yet, but I'm trying to set up outfits for people below.

I've been seeing some conflicts between MoriDB and Thonky and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what to do to figure it out.

I find Thonky seems to be more accurate in terms of categories, but seems to be translated clothing names so I have trouble finding items.

Moridb seems to have some of the categories wrong, but it does have all the clothing items I've tried looking for in english.

As an example, when I checked Red Tights. Kicks says ornate, it might be 'wine red tights' on Thonky, and Basic category for MoriDB.
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#2yasoukyokuPosted 7/6/2013 4:36:38 PM
MoriDB is from the Prima guide at least, so sorta official. Prima guides are known for having a lot of mistakes though... (e.g., it calls the Top Japanese DLC when it was Korean)
#3pichu_pal(Topic Creator)Posted 7/6/2013 4:43:53 PM
Yeah... just worried since I wouldn't want to give someone the red tights if they actually were basic, cause they would fail the fashion check. I've been trying to make sure I can find the item on both pages, but I'm still a little worried.
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#4ThatSageGuyPosted 7/6/2013 4:58:48 PM
Before I restarted my town, I used the thonky list and had no problem passing her checks.
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