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Beautiful Town or Wealthy Town?

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User Info: Mikey4914

3 years ago#11
Beautiful Town.

I changed to Wealthy Town for 2 days and 1/4 of my hybrids are gone. :l

User Info: Reiver_Neriahz

3 years ago#12
ShadowRisae posted...
Taser9090 posted...
I chose beautiful town because I'm just so damn lazy watering my gardens. Ain't nobody got time fo dat

This. I got tired of seeing wilted flowers only a few days into the game.

But...there are only ever a few every day...
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User Info: kingjam1

3 years ago#13
I like wealthy. It makes paying off the house and public work projects easier.
Can't think of anything

User Info: Achana

3 years ago#14
I went for wealth for the first month while I was saving up a lot of money and trying to unlock new buildings. After the first month I managed to get my town in a perfect state right as the rainy season ended, so I switched to beautiful town so that I wouldn't have to water flowers. I'll probably keep it that way until the next time a rainy or snowy season comes along.
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