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So who here has an original town name, tune and flag?

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  3. So who here has an original town name, tune and flag?
3 years ago#1
Original means your own creation. - Results (373 votes)
All three are my original creation.
19.3% (72 votes)
Original town name and tune only.
4.56% (17 votes)
Original town name and flag only.
19.03% (71 votes)
Original town tune and flag only.
3.75% (14 votes)
Only name.
17.16% (64 votes)
Only tune.
1.88% (7 votes)
Only flag.
6.43% (24 votes)
I borrowed all three from a some reference.
27.88% (104 votes)
This poll is now closed.
All three are made by me for my town. I wanted to see how common that was.
3 years ago#2
My town name is: Tatroi - from Star Ocean: The Last Hope
My town tune is: Song of Storms - from Ocarina of Time
My town flag is: A Super Mushroom.
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3 years ago#3
I made the town flag (a blue flame) and name (Zeeland) by myself.

My town tune was going to be the riff from Slither, but the lack of sharps or flats forced me to make an original tune.
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3 years ago#4
My name is certainly not common (I think?). It's Wildwood.

My town tune is a chord from Rains of Castamere. I did my best to create it on my own, without getting it from the Internet, so I'd consider that original too.

As for my flag, it's a print of the Lannisters' Lion Rampant. So no originality there :3
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3 years ago#5
My town name is Terreria, which was supposed to be wordplay from the word Terrarium, a glass tank reptile pets are kept in. However, I have Terrer instead of Terrar for the first part of the word, which actually works out since my town is going to be a creepy one anyway.

My town flag is my youtube logo, and my town tune is the snake charmer song.
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3 years ago#6
I should say mine as well!

Town name: Fairbell. I just chose it out of a town name generator I found online. Completely random, but I liked it!

My town tune is... just a bunch notes I put together that I ended up really liking. It sounds pleasant.

And my town flag is just a bell that I drew in-game.
3 years ago#7
Town Name: Cosmic (I doubt not many named their town this)
Flag: Patamon (drawn by me so its original)
Town tune: 8 melodies from earthbound (not done by me)
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3 years ago#8
I decided to use them from another game, but I didn't look up any designs/songs from them. Yamaku/Raindrops and Puddles/Patched Heart
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3 years ago#9
Town name: Fortree
Town Flag: rainbow dash
Town tune: dont really have one
3 years ago#10
Town Name: Aries \ Flag: Aerith \ Town Tune: FF Victory Sequence
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