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villagers sleeping

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User Info: shenran

3 years ago#1
what time do they all go to bed? i know they start waking up at 6am. so when do they go to sleep? just curious is all.
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User Info: myusernametaken

3 years ago#2
I believe it depends on the villagers personality type. I don't knoew the times exactly, so hopefully someone else will come in and tell you.
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User Info: RandomDuckNET

3 years ago#3
One of my villagers, Angus the bull, never sleeps. He is ALWAYS awake; early morning, afternoon, night, 3AM... and everytime I talk to him he says, "YAAAWWN... I'm so sleep deprived because I didn't get much sleep last night. So what's up, Adolf?" Of course you're sleep deprived, you don't sleep! Lol
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User Info: reririx

3 years ago#4
I noticed Wolfgang and Bruce are night owls and wake up around 10:00 am. :O If it helps, they're both cranky villagers!
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User Info: teamaquashock

3 years ago#5
I believe Cranky, Snooty and Uchi villagers tend to stay up at night.

Lazy, Normal, and Peppy villagers tend to sleep a little earlier than others.

I notice that Egbert the Lazy villager sleep by the time it's 11pm for me.
But sometimes Graham who's also Lazy will stay up til 1 am. (Maybe each neighbor has a specific time now?)

Cookie the Peppy villager does the same.

The latest I've played New Leaf is 2 am, (I've played til 5am on previous ACs) and I'd see Wolfgang (Cranky) and Stinky (Jock) awake sometimes.
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User Info: piranhapete

3 years ago#6
From Liquefy's FAQ (first time is night owl time, last time is usual time)
...q. [Lazy] bonyari male villagers go to bed at 1:30am instead of 11pm
...r. [Jock] hakihaki male villagers go to bed at 2:30am instead of Midnight
...s. [Smug] kiza male villagers go to bed at 3:30am instead of 2am
...t. [Cranky] kowai male villagers go to bed at 6am instead of 4am
...u. [Normal] futsuu female villagers go to bed at 2am instead of Midnight
...v. [Peppy] genki female villagers go to bed at 3am instead of 1am
...w. [Snooty] otona female villagers go to bed at 4am instead of 2am
...x. [Uchi] aneki female villagers go to bed at 5:30am instead of 3am
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