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Visiting other towns

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3 years ago#1
Hi I'm Jess I've had Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 2 weeks now, I don;t know anyone else with the game :c
I'm still finding it difficult to get around I don't understand how the going to other people's towns works D:
Can someone help me out please? :3
3 years ago#2
Basically, you give someone your friend code and they give you theirs. You add them to your friends list and they add you too.

Then you can visit each other using the train station in your town, either by opening your gates or going to their town by choosing it from the list
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3 years ago#3
Oh and I forgot to add, you MUST respect the towns you visit.
No running, stealing anything, cutting trees, or buying stuff without permission basically.

If someone comes to your town and behaves badly, you can turn off the WiFi on your DS to kick them out without saving any damage they've done.
3DS Friend Code: 3368-1648-7922 Leah
Dream Code: 6900-2332-8545

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