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Signs Using QR codes

#1CaseykatPosted 8/14/2013 3:42:07 AM
How do you display a QR code (that was made by someone else) on a custom sign? When I get the message asking if the sign needs a new design, all my QR designs are grayed out and unselectable. If I open the design icon from my pocket the designs can be chosen but my only options are to display them on the ground or turn them into clothing. How do I get one of these designs onto my sign?

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#2rainbowdashedPosted 8/14/2013 3:46:24 AM
There's an android app called Animal Xing Designer,
The only way I know of is to input your own creator data into the code using that and then scan and use it.

There's a more detailed explanation here.
If you don't have an android perhaps you could ask someone to do it for you?
I'd be happy to help actually.
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