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TT to regrow grass (Question)

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3 years ago#1
Do you do it via your 3DS System settings or on the title screen, or does it make no difference? I just wanna go forward a month then back. A new neighbour's plot appeared today so I thought it would be a good time to do it and not lose and villagers.
3 years ago#2
Ooh so nobody will leave while there's a fence plot there? I always use the 3ds clock and do the two day forward two day back thing. I've got a fence today so I'll do this for some grass, thanks!
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3 years ago#3
Idk, it's a gamble man, I'm scared. I'm gonna do it live in this thread when I got my answer.
3 years ago#4
Well, for what it's worth I always use the 3ds clock and it seems to be what everyone says to do when they're explaining how to tt. Good luck, I'll be watching!
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Dream Suite 7900-2188-6942
3 years ago#5
I'll just do it, I'm gonna sell my turnips first tho. YOLO.
3 years ago#6
Ok I just got back from the future. I did it via the system settings.

Guize my town is beautiful, but even tho I came back to the same day I left, the stores etc re-stocked, new fossils in the ground, the villager is already moved in and holy **** I lost a lot of flowers.

All my neighbours are still here.

The Town notice board is screwed up, showing stuff that happened throuout september, people birthdays etc, including my own. Feelsbadman. I'll start feeling less bad about it after September 14th passes I guess.

Sahara's here, she wasn't before, it's like starting a whole new day even though I lived this one already.

Ton of weeds, but that's to be expected.

Every single one of my hybrids have gone, I had no ordinances set so I put the beautiful town one on just before I quit to time travel, but I guess I needed to wait until tomorrow to time travel, but then would have risked losing a villager. Hybrids are easily regrown though and I had far too many flowers anyway. I put the gold roses in my house.

Talking to neighbours is like nothing changed. I made sure not to do it when I was in September. Infact all I did was save and quit straight away then put the date back.

I just took my bunny hood off and my hair is messy, lol.

Overall though I think it was worth it. My town feels a lot nicer, looks stunning, I knew the errosion was bad I just didn't realize how bad until I see it now with all this grass grown back, it feels so warm and beautiful. All that hurts a little is my little OCD's, but I know when I pass the day I time travelled to in a few weeks everything will feel ok again.
3 years ago#7
Gonna go get in the shower now and wash my guilt away.
3 years ago#8
I'm so tempted now, there's a fence up and I told Angus this morning that he's never leaving me. I've had the beautiful town ordinance since the start so that's already in place. I think I'll do it. Thanks for posting your results and sorry for the loss of your flowers!
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3 years ago#9
Yeah if all you're worried about is losing villagers and you have a plot up, go for it. Really happy with my town now, before, 60% of it was mud patches and errosion from Public Works Projects I cancelled, paths I started making then changed my mind about, villagers houses going etc.

Looked really nasty, now it all looks so fresh and lush. Only thing is I'll be OCD about walking on the same patches of grass from now on, lol. Trying to keep it green.
3 years ago#10
Thanks for the info, I'm planning to do it soon, when I get Goldie's pic, I just don't wanna mess up our friendship! lol
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