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Post your villager popularity score

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User Info: UsarNaem

3 years ago#1
Find your villagers on this image :
Or, if you can't find them ctrl+f their name on this page:

For each villager, add to your overall score depending on what tier they're in:
Extremely Popular : +4
Very Popular : +3
Fairly Popular : +2
Not Very Popular : +1

And post your score.

I got 20. But that's all going to change when I sell Rosie, lol
FC: 0173-1306-2805

User Info: Futureshadows

3 years ago#2
20, but I don't judge by popularity.
You see a light wherever you go, you have to face it again and again...
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User Info: Revan654

3 years ago#3
I got 25.
3DS FC: 1220-6880-2133

User Info: Ice_Car

3 years ago#4
Beau: 4
Apollo: 3
Kyle: 3
Eunice: 3
Fauna: 3
Apple: 2
Rowan: 2
Friga: 2
Jacques: 1

Score: 23

Ahhhhh why is Jacques at the bottom he's one of my favorite villagers!
3DS Friend Code: 4296-4181-2801

User Info: IceYoshi

3 years ago#5
Got 20

EDIT: Amelia has a plot set up, so it went up to 20
3DS FC: 2750-1307-7036 Kevin from Laurens

User Info: fiiona29054

3 years ago#6
My friend code: 3995 - 6590 - 9549

User Info: MorbidEngel

3 years ago#7
Very: Pashmina, Cookie, Filbert, Roscoe, Chrissy, honorable mention to Apollo because he's in my WW town. 15
Fairly: Henry, Purrl, Goldie, honorable mention to Bones 21
Not very: Cobb, Kevin, honorable mention to Rod, Twiggy, and Peewee 23

I can't even find Tiffany, Hugh, or Lucy, who's in my WW town.

23 for New Leaf, counting WW then at least 31.

User Info: dukevesper

3 years ago#8
Marshal 4
Bob 4
Marina 4
Tangy 4
Roscoe 3
Hamlet 3
Kitty 2
Tom 2 (soon to have)
Prince 1
Moose 1

Only 28 points but I'm thinking of trading my Marina for Mitzi :) I'm babysitting Hamlet for my sister so if she ever gets him back lll replace him with my long lost friend Rodeo (2) or Frank (1)
Friend Code : 5086 - 1595 - 4950 Daniel from Pipes
XBL GT : xxLeinad

User Info: DyGenGuar

3 years ago#9
Bob: 4
Muffy: 3
Dotty: 2
Kitty: 2
Daisy: 2
Ed: 2
Drift: 1
Clay: 1
Limberg: 1
Penelope: 1

Total: 19
Whoever made this chart is racist against mice and ducks.
FC: 3711-7266-0231
AC:NL - Iris from Cruising

User Info: cha_fan1

3 years ago#10
Apollo, Merry, Punchy, Sally, Felicity, Jay, Static, Drift, Mira
3, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 3

19 points.
A musical sentence is a motive that is immediately developed upon then drives towards a PAC, IAC, or HC. The PC was likely unallowed due to counterpoint rules.
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