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My BEST dreamie? Round six

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User Info: Mikokiri

2 years ago#1
Which one is the best? - Results (28 votes)
32.14% (9 votes)
17.86% (5 votes)
21.43% (6 votes)
28.57% (8 votes)
This poll is now closed.
By best I kinda mean your favourite.
Or if you hate them all, select the one people will likely want more.
All 5 men have been eliminated! ... You did good Lucky. - Ankha, Snooty personality - Lolly, Normal personality - Tangy, Peppy personality - Tia, Normal personality

Biskit (round three)
Deirdre (round two)
Lopez (round one)
Lucky (round five)
Ribbot (round one)
Rooney (round four)
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In search of: Ankah, Ribbot.

User Info: that2ndguy

2 years ago#2
Wouldn't it be hilarious if this ended in a tie? To go through all this trouble and have all her villagers lose lol.
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Appa! Yip yip!

User Info: reilutellu

2 years ago#3
Everybody vote Tia for no reason
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