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Strangest villager encounter. Ever.

#11DiamondBlader29(Topic Creator)Posted 6/12/2014 10:03:23 AM
I came back to this topic to post an update on my situation: after vanishing from my town for a few days (probably as the museum villager, I'd guess), Genji just mailed me a random letter asking if I wanted to come over and "do some push ups" with him later. ._. And then he mentioned that he's totally ripped, as Jocks are inclined to do. I'm beginning to wonder if he's not going crazy/rabid/self-aware/conflicted and lovesick or something. Well, at least Joey's house sits between mine and his...

Perhaps I should tell him to try chasing after Cookie instead. (I'd say Pashmina, but she'd probably kick his face in.)

Kazagin_ posted...
So Peggy used to have a house plant. One day I was over her house and she mentioned eating it.
Then she said "Do pigs even eat leaves? I can't remember!" or something similar.

So yeah, that happened.

Wonderful. Even further proof that the animals have become self-aware. XD

mzsylver posted...
This topic is hilarious. Bud, my Jock Animal, has never said to me (female) that phrase. Once in a great while, the animals seem to pull random phrases I have never heard out of their @$&es.

I do suppose that's the nice thing about this game. ^^ Even a year later, it's pretty good at throwing random and amusing stuff in our faces.
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#12RenkindlePosted 6/12/2014 1:28:15 PM
Pierce once pinged me and said something similar to me. He started the conversation by saying that I looked different, then said this:
"You seem soft. Feminine and kinda cute.... Argh! Did I just say that out loud!? Please forget it! Just forget it!"

I was pretty surprised.
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#13FredSavage27Posted 6/13/2014 9:48:22 PM
I think weird conversations like that happen if you have good love luck that day.