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LoL at me (Archived)joskii13/21/2014
can somebody let me visit their town? (Archived)imhappi83/21/2014
Thinking of getting this game. Will I like it based on my preference? (Archived)forceboy53/21/2014
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Tricky pitfall seed? Say what?! O.o (Archived)Aurichu33/21/2014
Trees won't grow where other trees have been before. What's up with that? (Archived)DeathDeathSong33/21/2014
For those who have had birthdays ingame (Archived)DjSleepyD73/21/2014
Did I miss out on my chance for perfect fruit? (Archived)
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Can villagers shake trees and spawn bees? (Archived)FefnirOmega1333/21/2014
One of my dreamie characters is moving to my town, but... (Archived)deekgeek53/21/2014
Today I reset for the first time since launch. (Archived)Wetterdew73/21/2014
Anyone going to Megacon? (Archived)pizzapie143/21/2014
Villagers coping each other? (Archived)
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Are towns with 10 villagers "safe" to visit if you have less than 10? (Archived)MuttonBasher43/21/2014
Quick question about dlc (Archived)Marisska93/21/2014
how many villagers can there be in the void/wifi pool? (Archived)moonrevenge103/21/2014
How can you buy art from villagers? (Archived)cleonm103/21/2014
When villagers aren't home, why do they always leave notes on their doors? (Archived)TooManyVowels83/21/2014
Reese really pisses me off. (Archived)TooManyVowels43/21/2014