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Why Won't Olaf Leave? (Archived)Zipoop66/12/2014
Having a Flower Issue (Archived)Futureshadows76/12/2014
Quickest way to get villagers to move out (Archived)ErkuastNoAme76/12/2014
I haven't played for months (Archived)secretlyenvious36/12/2014
Question about moving in villagers (Archived)ClearAsCrystal236/12/2014
This game sure does have a lot of swear words in it (Archived)DarkECOJak66/11/2014
Why won't Melba move OUT? (Archived)
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Butterflies in the evening? (Archived)xnn388246/11/2014
Will more than one villager ever ping to move in one day? (Archived)Cheshire_Cat0396/11/2014
Villager cycling question: (Archived)Kittilicious46/11/2014
Need some tips on time travel (Archived)tiopuit96/11/2014
Will removing my flowers increase my chances of finding a tarantula? (Archived)RICKmT326/11/2014
Beetles and trees on Tortimer Island? (Archived)Manigeitora96/11/2014
How do you get villagers to take Fossils out of their house? (Archived)KenKazaki266/11/2014
Just got a funny thing happen at campsite. (Archived)cadcrafter66/11/2014
... What? (Poll)
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Landscaping inspiration (Archived)
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Anyone get the game NOT on release day? (Archived)
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Question about the Red-horned hat. (Archived)MrUberW1gglez26/10/2014
What are some of the weird names your villagers have come up with? (Archived)
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