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Whats your top 5 dream villagers? (Archived)
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missybiss191/29 11:17AM
Rate my villagers :) (Archived)
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TankGirl_151/29 11:13AM
Bridge Trouble (Archived)Pikachu150101/29 9:31AM
Confirmed: You don't need 51 Ables Purchases to get Sable's Mannequin (Archived)Chaos Genesis31/29 9:23AM
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I didn't get my coins for walking (Archived)ehhwhatever41/29 6:58AM
Talking to a villager you have in another town? (Archived)iggyhaxor21/29 2:44AM
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Is the community for this game still active? (Archived)CptnStarFox21/28 11:37PM
Do purchases in other towns count towards the shopping badge? (Archived)El_Dustino41/28 10:42PM
Help needed (Archived)
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Hyperion213161/28 10:08PM
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Do Flies and Ants spawn in multiplayer? (Archived)AeonChronos21/28 8:58PM
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Visit my dream town? I'll visit yours. (Archived)
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TankGirl_121/28 7:14PM
How many people do I need to come to my town to... (Archived)Mangobaby0131/28 6:17PM
How soon can someone move in after someone else moves out? (Archived)RayCRP41/28 6:14PM
anyone keep ugly villagers so they could abuse them? (Archived)
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LuigiDM111/28 5:10PM
The Fool - Proof way to get PWPs quick and fast (Archived)
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Stins2213111/28 4:31PM
How long does it take to get a new neighbor from a different town? (Archived)InsomniaGoddess41/28 4:04PM