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Bushes and placement question (Archived)Aurichu63/19/2014
How long does it take for grass to grow back? (Archived)aemohescuro43/19/2014
I lack the motivation to play this game. (Archived)super_luigi16103/19/2014
Marina or Flora? (Poll)zellbunny73/19/2014
is it harder to get lazy villager portraits? (Archived)
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How long does it take someone to move out? (Archived)hannimal3433/19/2014
help me decide! curt or fang? bunnie or rosie? (lengthy post) (Archived)moonrevenge63/19/2014
Town time trouble... (Archived)Crystal_pony43/19/2014
Looking for someone who's town is daytime (Archived)Omikishi73/19/2014
LF: Bianca FT: Felicity and/or Bells (Archived)Drknmnky5633/19/2014
Wed morning or wed afternoon - turnip prices (Archived)Starberry23/19/2014
Any place where I can find prices for neighbors? (Archived)TinyTankX13/19/2014
Damn it 3DS! (Archived)Antidoted93/19/2014
Is anyone else getting a common repeat camper? (Archived)shrooboid31323/19/2014
will anyone sell a copy of their majora's mask? (Archived)zxz22373/19/2014
question about villager birthdays when they move in after their birthday (Archived)thesunflower4213/19/2014
Margie is the most stubborn villager I have... (Archived)Mikokiri13/19/2014
So when can you be assured that a new villager plot won't show up? (Archived)XxOblivion7743/18/2014
Info about the game (Archived)Bryant18753/18/2014
Who do you think is the least popular villager in the game? (Archived)
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