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So I was looking for an oarfish last night... (Archived)Hammer55612/20 9:42PM
Question on the New Leaf guide (Archived)GuyFawkes5412/20 9:33PM
The sound the snowballs make when they break is scary. (Archived)
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pigfish991412/20 7:51PM
List of who wants what Jingle gift, or just annoy them with a notepad? (Archived)Uratoh312/20 4:40PM
Winter Solstice (Archived)zebe-dee112/20 4:37PM
Do you have to talk humans at the Showcase gate for them to count towards badge? (Archived)BareFootTuna312/20 4:04PM
Yes! Got my last Gracie Check! (Archived)Chaos Genesis912/20 3:51PM
Does anyone have an excel list for the catalog? (Archived)panther008412/20 3:20PM
Anyone else not touch AC:NL after Pokemon X and Y came out? (Poll)
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Wyvern563712/20 3:09PM
Everyone can vote in the Amazing Dream Town Contest. (Archived)theotherpromise512/20 2:36PM
Silver axe hunting... This'll take ages right? (Archived)Mikokiri612/20 1:54PM
Snowmam not taking my snowflakes? (Archived)Insider2000412/20 12:00PM
How many items can you get from Snowboy and Bingo?(Spoilers) (Archived)mammerjammer0212/20 10:02AM
I hate my campsite. (Archived)ACnyancat1012/20 9:59AM
How long does Toy Day last? (Archived)Trevor_Belmont312/20 7:21AM
Snowboy series (Archived)gbatt612/20 5:53AM
Bingo question (Archived)iggyhaxor912/20 5:01AM
Came Back from a long break (Archived)ScarTheBloody212/20 4:04AM
Should I wait one more turn for my turnips or sell now? (Archived)jabberwockyx612/19 11:32PM
ok this is ridiculous (Archived)
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Mugen392312/19 11:10PM