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Does anyone have any advice for catching the Tarantula? (Archived)KenKazaki246/23/2014
What is the best island tree set up? (Archived)Darkzore36/23/2014
Lent this game to my friend. He started new save...His new town has my old tiles (Archived)Alias_Nemesis46/23/2014
Best T&T store (Poll)turtle4apple76/23/2014
Record Store Furniture? (Archived)CommanderxGreen66/23/2014
Looking for Modern Wood Series (Archived)HoneyFace126/23/2014
Looking for a dlc expert to critique my street pass house. (Archived)Dark Mousy66/23/2014
Do villager`s signs in front of house look like it says leo? (Archived)ehhwhatever26/23/2014
they really need to announce A Wiiu Animal Crossing.... (Archived)NightMareBunny96/23/2014
Just wondering, how much should Stitches cost? (Archived)SooperKewlGuy26/23/2014
Completing the Catalog (Archived)acaddict176/23/2014
Emerald....? (Archived)AnselaFan86/23/2014
Who else is hoping for cooking in the next game (Archived)toidiedud36/23/2014
Just started this last night.. (Archived)VannWC36/23/2014
Can Someone Help Me With This? (Archived)xX_Neiko6_Xx26/23/2014
Perfect Town (Archived)AIDEN14826/23/2014
I wish ordering doesn't help the nooks store remodel (Archived)turtle4apple16/22/2014
Are the white team cap and white school cap the same item? (Archived)Eli199946/22/2014
Beautiful Town Ordinance question (Archived)Djwlfpack966/22/2014
Zodiac Furniture set (Cancer table, etc.) (Archived)Pixie7076/22/2014
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