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Fun/Funny Catchphrases for Villagers (Archived)
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Sloanyboloney169/14 6:38AM
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What in blazes does it take for these animals to have a little imagination here (Archived)Yoshingles49/13 9:47PM
What does "problematic citizens" do? (Archived)katelove7789/13 5:46PM
Ankha is the ugliest villager I have ever seen. (Archived)
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jujubox159/13 5:31PM
New here,, someone help me :) (Archived)Crossingmayor89/13 3:56PM
Ah, the good old missing fossil game... (Archived)borgfighter41029/13 9:04AM
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Receiving gifts from street passing (Archived)norshanare49/13 8:03AM
Villager in campground wont move in?? (Archived)nootnoot39/13 4:22AM
Best ways to get bells during the day? (Archived)
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LIsJustice219/13 4:08AM
sleepover on saturday (Archived)zac-chocr49/13 3:16AM
Is plot resetting worth it? (Archived)PumpkinBeach109/13 3:12AM
stuck with a petition form (Archived)SkeetownMike39/12 5:33PM
Did I complete the 16 villager cycle? (Archived)ShinyUmbreon12379/12 3:46PM
Viva BearCity! Please visit my dream town. (Archived)
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hannimal34159/12 1:12PM
Aahrgh the villagers are surrounding my house! (Archived)alertcimmy29/12 9:58AM
Question.. (Archived)Wehttam199139/12 8:18AM
Static just asked me to give him something to put on his "modern desk" (Archived)CrashGordon94_39/12 6:22AM