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Do Villagers Ping to Move Out if Someone is Moving In?GunBlazeEX612/19 6:48AM
You know what would be awesome for the next Animal Crossing?
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Aidgum1412/19 3:52AM
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Mira won't ping meAnnamarie113412/17 11:39PM
Right platform - WantedR2D2VW212/17 9:22PM
Wow. I can't get a single new Villager that I actually like.
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gladwyn1014312/17 9:12PM
Question about Villagers & Moving.
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BowserZero1212/17 9:01PM
Request: Filling Out Villager's PetitionDan1ninfan412/17 4:59PM
do villagers steal/remove flowers? (Archived)Sovngardian512/17 11:30AM
can I change my 3ds date without it changing my games time? (Archived)thanatos313312/17 8:54AM
If there was a Wii U version of Animal Crossing, would you get it? (Poll)
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MuttonBasher2412/17 8:49AM
Was there any DLC that I missed? (Archived)CrashCortex53312/17 1:46AM
Too much time on the island (Archived)MisterSpall612/16 10:04PM
Question about sick villagers... (Archived)mrhardy12812/16 6:46PM
The snow storm is coming! (Archived)
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MuttonBasher3612/16 1:52PM
Sorry, but I don't understand the details about getting villagers (Archived)
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Darth Mom1412/16 8:20AM
Is there a way to prevent your villagers from having clothes spread like a virus (Archived)
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mrhardy121312/16 8:12AM