How do I unlock Alpha 152?

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5 years ago#1
I beat tag mode challenge 19 like it said in the cheats section and all I got was an Alpha 152 figurine. How do I unlock the character Alpha 152?
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5 years ago#2
Boss character unlocks are strange in this game; i got alpha from the tag mode but another boss character from replaying an arcade mode stage. My guess, just complete all you can and perhaps replay.
5 years ago#3
Raidou you get from completing all the arcade mode.
The other bosses you all unlock from their respective tag mode matches. Tengu@17, Gen@18, Alpha@19 and the final "secret" boss from 20.
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5 years ago#4
FCs/Tags in my info.
5 years ago#5

my friend and i were playing tag challenge and i got it after challenge 19

5 years ago#6
Did you guys read the:
I beat tag mode 19 and nothing happened?

Why did it work for you? Is there something else I needed to do first?

Also ss4gogeta_dark, it doesn't help pointing me to a page I quoted in my opening post.

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5 years ago#7
I read you had to beat Chronicles first.

Anyways, I was able to unlock all bosses (Minus Kasumia Alpha I think) through Arcade. After getting Genra, I think it took me a couple more plays of Arcade till I unlocked Alpha 152. I would attempt Tag Mode if you don't want to go through the wait of playing Chronicles.
5 years ago#8
I haven't even played Tag Mode yet, but I got all 5 boss characters unlocked at the same time after an Arcade game. I'd finished the Chronicle mode and played a lot of the arcade, mostly just to unlock alternate appearances for lots of people.
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5 years ago#9
So, all I need to do is finish Chronicle Mode and replay Arcade mode 6?

Sweet, thanks guys! XD
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5 years ago#10
Well, maybe. I haven't gotten around to clearing even Arcade Mode 5 yet, the bosses all unlocked for me after a run on the easiest arcade mode xD
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