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4 years ago#1
It's available now on the Japanese E-Shop if you got a Jpn 3DS. and I'm sorry to say it sucks. The map is just a few square blocks tied together and the stage is over as soon as you can out all 3 generals from the other team. there are very few enemies on screen at the same time, and when you defeat them, another group of 5 or 6 soldiers will appear out of thin air right in front of you. I am a big fan of Samurai Warriors 3DS but this game feels like a step back. when ur on the field with an opposing general you can hold the A button to activiate the 1on1 mini game battle (spin the analog pad, hit Y at the right time, or press the right buttons faster than the CPU) and if you win you knock off a big chunk of ur opponent's life.

if this is how the final version is like, i am going to pass on this one. i rather have a traditional warrior style game where u go around on a big map killing hundreds of soldiers over this new Team VS deal.
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4 years ago#2
sounds like they just stepped back to the level of ps1 musou series :/
4 years ago#3
I agree. SW:C I am happy had the Soldier reduction since in SW3 it got REALLY hard on HARD to get the 4th weapon on the first try and Kill the boss. ^^; With Masamune I had to run in Circles and Spam My Specials.

I wish they would just have done a DW like SW:C. It had the feel of the console but added a team system to it so you could always have your Fav Warlords with you. =) Still played SW:C, my only complaint was the lack of Co-op. =( Though that it so minimal. XD
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4 years ago#4
I might be stating the obvious but i think like the game's title suggests, "Dynasty Warriors VS" is really a game built with multiplayer in mind instead of single player. I can see the new gameplay format being very exciting and competitive with human opponents, because there are special skills, team skills, and taking over camps and other strategies. Maybe it would be fun against a really good AI, i dont know. but its just not traditional Dynasty warrior gameplay, at least not in the demo, so i dont really give a crap about it anymore.
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4 years ago#5
It's not just the 3DS installments... This is generally how I feel every time I play DW after playing DW (SW3 and DW7 included).

The SW games are so much more refined and well-thought-out, while the DW games always feel like a cheap cash-in with some good ideas that are poorly executed (i.e., quantity over quality).

From the initial screens and information, I was hoping I would be proven wrong this time, but it looks like the trend is continuing.
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3 years ago#6
Read the Japanese website? There is a story mode with mission-centered game play and ability to direct / switch between multiple team members just like SWC. The story mode battlefield also seems to be larger (more nodes) than the vs. fields.

For vs. play, the map should not be too large. What's the point of wasting time moving around and mowing down mobs instead of dueling against opponent players? That'll just make a boring match. It's just like Kid Icarus Uprising, where they need different maps for story mode and vs. mode.

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