Honey Queen and Wiggler

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They are not confirmed. The latest issue of NP did not have MK7 pics so don't expect any thing. Ergo - MK7 info is relying on MK7 official site and NP. THE OFFICIAL NP WEBSITE DOES NOT HAVE MK7 ISSUES OUT IT'S STILL THE OLD SM3DL ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That said check this:

Umm... because it may or may not be true. One of two things happened:

1: Someone from Nintendo Power too a scan of the page with the pictures of Honey Queen and Wiggler.

2: It's a fake.

If it is situation number one, (open spot at Nintendo Power for those who are interested...jk) and possibly the official website was going to keep up with Nintendo Power (or vise versa) and they planned to advertise it twice, magazine and website. Also there must be two more veterans if this is true. Linked here:
I think my personal logic is the best *smirks*

If this is number two, around next week we may be getting more complaints about the new characters released for at least one of them. Or they could be using the same characters but the faker found out about the two new characters and created his own page with with them in karts on it.

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You can't argue against this.
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Catcher_Freeman posted...

You can't argue against this.

It's a conspiracy, I tell you! A conspiracy!
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You can't argue against this.

You lose TC.
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I predict that TC won't be coming back to this topic after being owned with one link.
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ITT:Magazine scans can never never never be faked.
seriously guys would you say the scans was real if first this scan was shown then the next day was a scan of np without this info?
magazine can be and have been faked many times so how can you claim you know this is real whenyou haven't seen it yourself?
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