Special Cup Glitch?

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User Info: mnkysprn

5 years ago#11
pikachu936 posted...
Well, if this game is pissing anyone off, all I can recommend is that they never play MKSC, DS or Wii.

3 starring in MK7 is about equal to 1 starring a GP in MKDS and Wii, and an A rank in MKSC.

I have @ least 2 stars on every course in DS and Wii.

3 stars on every course in Super Circuit.

So the difficulty has gone up in the games.
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User Info: JakeSkittle

5 years ago#12
MKDS was easy to 3-star if you used the right type of kart. I found MK7 much more challenging to 3-star, even if most of the difficulty that constituted the challenge was the items.

User Info: pikachu936

5 years ago#13
It hasn't.

This game is BY FAR the easiest to 3 star in the series.
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User Info: BabyLuigiOnFire

5 years ago#14
mnkysprn posted...

So the difficulty has gone up in the games.

Weird, I think in the contrary.

User Info: ATaggerung

5 years ago#15
I could play MKDS in my sleep, I thought that was the easiest one so far
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User Info: Skull_pro

5 years ago#16
MKSC, while my favourite MK of all time, was a nightmare to get a good rank. I often got below B rank while still getting a perfect score of 36, and getting 125 coins +
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