3DS Friend Codes Plz

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4 years ago#1
i will start my 3DS friend code is 4854 6656 1004 add me
I can Beat anyone at anything
4 years ago#2

Add  me 4038-6040-8035 Names Andy :)

3 years ago#3
My is 0989-2219-0781
3 years ago#4
Hi, add me chiefy
3 years ago#5
If you add me, please reply and say that you did so I know who to add back.



*And yes, I do own this game.

I play mostly in communities now a days.
3 years ago#6
just let me know to retake my game and practice with y'all
3 years ago#7
3DS Friend List

Mario Kart 7 Communities
Rocket Drop (50 cubic centimeters, all items): 23-3646-2845-0702
Coin Collecting! (50 cubic centimeters, no items): 24-9838-3125-5750

[cc=cubic centimeters. Kinda neat info. Useless in-game, but the info is still neat.]
3 years ago#8
Add me: 2750-1307-7036 Name is Kevin.
(Also, I add everyone on here.)
3 years ago#9
I've added everyone
3 years ago#10

2878-9698-8835 I added every1 here

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