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Poll: Which unlockable mode would you prefer? (Archived)
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Release date (Archived)jEr3mY410/8/2011
Mario has FLUDD, Luigi has the Poltergust... (Archived)Davidk92210/8/2011
i hope shyguy beach is not in this game! (Archived)Skatz95710/8/2011
Does normally playable Shy Guy mean we'll get a multiplayer that doesn't suck? (Archived)
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What if there is no battle mode/mission mode? (Archived)Elwafir123310/8/2011
Vote for Your Five Most Wanted Newcomers (Archived)
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i can play as chuck norris and homer simpson!!!!! (Archived)SteelGhost21710/8/2011
Do you think the roster can reach 20? (Archived)VampireAlbedo910/8/2011
So, It's confirmed that the leaf (Archived)
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An odd question. (Archived)Pikmin_Lord510/7/2011
Is it safe to say that Boom Boom is one of the most likely new characters? (Archived)
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I'm so excited for this game. (Archived)belkotar310/7/2011
Anyone want a Wario Ware Character? (Archived)
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New Donkey Kong character? (Archived)
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koopa beach n64! any other fans? (Archived)Dark Mousy910/7/2011
3 Luigi 'circuits' in one game (Archived)
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Luigi Circuit needs to be in this! (Archived)
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Minor changes to Luigi's raceway (Archived)EmptyStar12210/7/2011
Are you exited about this game? (Archived)Pikmin_Lord1010/7/2011