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How about courses based on other Nintendo franchises? (Archived)
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Please exchange 3DS FC here If you are getting MK-7 (Archived)
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Your Reaction to..... (New Character) (Archived)Ventwig610/12/2011
is anything confirmed for this game as to what it will play like (Archived)pairenoid210/12/2011
Donkey Kong Clone #3 (Archived)
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What if there is no racing mode? (Archived)Toadster9001810/11/2011
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my 18 character roster prediction. (Archived)dswiifan410/11/2011
Is anyone happy Rosalina is in this game? (Archived)
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Come to think of it, MKWii's tracks really weren't that great. (Archived)
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ITT: We know of all the characters, Diddy Kong isn't in. (Archived)MrSpacelySlate810/11/2011
There's only 5 new tracks we don't know about yet (Archived)
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What do we know about the weight classes? (Archived)Chocoboliebe510/11/2011
UNLIKELY characters to be included (Archived)
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With the headset announced, do you think this game will have voice chat? (Archived)Catcher_Freeman910/11/2011
Dino Dino Jungle and Wario Stadium (GC) (Archived)
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They should bring back squashing tiny opponents (Archived)
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What needs to be done... (Archived)SectorZz110/11/2011
This game should have that goofy photo feature in Mario Kart Arcade (Archived)LemonKweenstaaa810/10/2011