Paper mario: Book of Ages

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Does anyone else hope that Nintendo manages to pull off something like this?
First off, I thought the artwork he did was spot on. And I also like how he encompassed so many characters into it. Daisy, Wario, Toad, and al of those characters.

The chapters were SOOO creative, too. I loved how one of the bosses is a giant silverfish. That's the most epic boss ever. I love what he did with the partners too. I'm not such a big fan of the fact that there are characters from other series like Alph and The fact that Countdown Town looks Just like Clock Town from Zelda (unless if he was just trying to save time and didn't have time to design a background). They just seem a bit out of place imo. Overall I think he did a great job though.

I also hope that the artist ends up finishing his story
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So basically random people do better things than Nintendo.
#3WayoshiMPosted 6/16/2010 2:44:11 PM
No chance of getting a Kremling, although there is DKCR now...

Anywyas, I'm sure they'll find osme creativity, and they've gone dark in PM2 before as well. Anything is posisble.
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Gotta look at it like this Koopa: a single person isn't restricted by all the canon/claim rights and such.
Main thing is Rare being under microsoft now.... sad face
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......... wat?
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Nintendo isn't restricted by canon either, considering the Mario series doesn't have any.
I think a giant Clubba boss is much more epic and surprising than a giant silverfish.
#7GameBeatenPosted 6/16/2010 6:36:34 PM
I've seen that guy's work before. His Paper Mario artwork is pretty damn good, but I found some his characters to be a little...well...the best way I can describe those characters is as "unlikely." But that's just me.