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User Info: HoratioCraw

6 years ago#1
I really hope Chuck comes back, or at least have some type of quiz minigame return.
I love whales. :3
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User Info: bowserman1154

6 years ago#2
I completely forgot about him!

He'd be awesome
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User Info: mushroommanic

6 years ago#3
Only if his sexy lady Toad helper comes back with him.
If Proto Man is in MvC3, I would be a happy little sailor.
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User Info: pokeman514

6 years ago#4
Ha i've been playing Paper Mario again because i'm pumped for the return of the good playing style. (I didn'y buy SPM) Anyway Chuck should come back! What about Kolorodo???
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User Info: Rizaadon007

6 years ago#5
If kolorado comes back, that also means a kooper cameo. sweet.
All I can say is WTF with a side of LOL. -ahoythere4
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