Which kind of Bowser would you prefer?

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5 years ago#41
He should be like BiS "When I'm mad, I have to punch something. C'mere!". Or something like that... Still, he managed to be evil AND smart (for the most part...) Yet funny at the same time.
5 years ago#42
I'll take a Bowser form from any of the RPG Mario's. Except Super Mario RPG, where he was pretty much a spiky-shelled crybaby.

BiS Bowser is probably my favorite though. His hatred for Mario is very clear, he's super hardcore, and he's also still funny because of his attitude.
5 years ago#43
why would anyone want a serious Bowser? Even in the 3D platformers, which are the closest Bowser has ever gotten to being "serious" (except SMG) he usually has some silly objective like Peach's cake (unless you interpret it the perverted way...)

Funny Bowser FTW. I really can't take Bowser serious anyways; if Nintendo wants to make a serious Mario villain, it should be a new villain, not Bowser. Mario has always been lighthearted as a series; I don't see the appeal of making one of the main characters dark and serious.
5 years ago#44
He... didn't do a SINGLE smart move during the whole adventure. What are you talking about ?
I can't beat Super Mario Bros.
5 years ago#45

I don't think everyone's looking for a 'serious' Bowser, per say, but one that at least has a set goal and doesn't intentionally help his own arch nemesis. That's why I enjoy the BiS Bowser. He was out for revenge against both Fawful and the Mario Bros. and he still managed to be very funny.
5 years ago#46
@ fetish
Koopatrol and Piranhas, angry and hungry. About to invade your town. You better watch out!
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  3. Which kind of Bowser would you prefer?

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