Would you play a Mario RPG with the same visuals as Galaxy2?

#11weegee580Posted 9/13/2010 7:48:56 PM
Yes, I would.

Since that's how most of the FFs are looking, I think it's possible, if Square and Nintendo ever make a sequal for SMRPG. Too bad I don't think it'll happen -_-
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#12nopieghostPosted 9/14/2010 7:19:47 PM
YES I would LOVE it!!!!!

And there's no reason it wouldn't be funny. Graphics don't equal humor -_-

Besides, I would like a more serious Mario RPG now. Not saying funny is bad, I just want somehting new.
#13IMPofBTSPosted 9/15/2010 2:04:36 AM
Seven Stars wasn't any more cartoonish than Galaxy, so yes.
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#14RhodechillPosted 9/15/2010 6:56:27 PM
Hell yeah!
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#15mariostar0001Posted 9/16/2010 6:35:04 AM
Yes, not because of the visuals but just because it's a Mario RPG.
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#16fPaperMariobPosted 9/16/2010 2:11:45 PM
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#17daniel1232323Posted 9/17/2010 3:08:52 AM
maybe a new mario and luigi game will come out with 3D graphics. Was bowser's inside story the last one?
#18McmadnessV3(Topic Creator)Posted 9/17/2010 6:09:01 AM
The last one so far yeah.
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#19LightHawKnightPosted 9/17/2010 10:57:27 AM
Not sure, it would kinda be like mario and luigi, but with better graphics, i would play, but rather have the paper mario graphics and battle style. The paper style makes for fun and interesting puzzles.
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#20vyseskiesPosted 9/17/2010 12:34:56 PM
Of course. ANYTHING, 3D, 2D , 1D graphics, Cel shaded, it will a pleasure play just to mention ''mario rpg'' game
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