do you want luigi and yoshi as party members? Y or N

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6 years ago#21
Luigi: No, but a new game+ sort of thing like in SMG where you play as Luigi would be kinda cool.
Yoshi: A Yoshi partner would be ok with me. There would need to be variation in how the Yoshis look though.
6 years ago#22
I would say no to both simply because one of the big charmers in the Paper Mario series (excluding Super Paper Mario... Bad game...) is getting a wide variety of partners and not focusing on the same old same old.
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6 years ago#23
Luigi- I'm all for adding new partners, as long as adding him would not take away another partner. If possible, I would like a unique moveset which makes him very different from it's not like having two Mario in the same battle. I like having new party members, but I don't think it would hurt to have Luigi here, even if he's been playable in another Mario game. There is nothing wrong with Luigi being a helper, though I might say differently if he had been playable in Paper Mario 1&2 and actually used as a partner, as I wouldn't want Luigi to be reused.

Yoshi- Been done in Paper Mario 2... a baby yoshi was fun when it was a kid, but one could be way more helpful as an adult Yoshi, even if it does sacrifice cuteness in the process. .-.
6 years ago#24
Luigi N

But I do like to read his adventures of the "waffle" kingdom

Yoshi Y if customizable
6 years ago#25
But he always served as amazing comic relief in the original PMs. You cant force Luigi out of that role! And Yoshi has been covered as a partner and an area (remember?)
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6 years ago#26
Luigi: Not a partner, why not an alternate main hero? You can switch between the two, they share the same EXP but carry some different fighting styles and have different reactions to various bosses (Even the ability to skip one or two if you have the right bro.)

Yoshi: Yes, definitely.
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6 years ago#27
Yoshi yes.
Luigi no, you're already partners with him in the other RPGs. Paper Mario should keep it's tradition of using different Mushroom World species as his partners.
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6 years ago#28
I'd like luigi if you could play as him for a brief time, maybe between chapters or in place of mario temporarily.

Yoshi? Maybe, if he were different from TTYD.
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6 years ago#29
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
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6 years ago#30
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