Most touching moment in the Paper Mario series

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6 years ago#21
The ending of Super Paper Mario...
Dear God, it always gets me...
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6 years ago#22
Even for it's platformer hate, SPM*Spoilers*

Had a great story and a sad ending. I loved it. I also got sad during Bobbery's letter.
Although I never cried at a video game.
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6 years ago#23
Everyone seems to agree with Bobbery's backstory, TEC's "death" and SPM's ending. I also found these to be quite touching but, unlike some, I didn't cry at all. Even though I'm a really sensible guy, I rarely cry when watching a movie or playing a video game. The only games I can think of that made me cry are Final Fantasy X and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. I probably cried at one or two other games I forgot but these two hold the record with ToS being in first place.
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6 years ago#24
lol @ everyone not saying SPM's ending was the definitive most touching scene.
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6 years ago#25
Eh, Bobbery's letter not so much..

But if we're mentioning other games, I'll say Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts for me.
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6 years ago#26
I'd say the ending of TTYD. It was saddening to see everybody say their goodbyes.
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6 years ago#27
I wonder if i can type in Chuggaconroy's Epic 68 star points battle as a fun Momment The link(fun even IN the battle)
6 years ago#28
Some of my friends thought the whole Bonechill intro was sad...I dunno, not many games make me sad, lol.
6 years ago#29
that little green alien in super paper mario made me sad when he brought us to meet his mama
6 years ago#30
I'm pretty sure I don't usually get teary eyed at video games, but when Sephiroth killed Peach? Man that was too much.

Seriously though, I'm not too sure. I think maybe the Bobbery letter was kinda sad, but I liked it at the same time because I saw an old movie that had a similar scenario, but with the wife dieing from child birth or something like that. Bugs the crap out of me that I can't remember >.>
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