Badge Contest: Day 25: ROUND #2!

#11strongo9Posted 11/6/2010 8:36:10 PM
I'm going to assume Vlncolo didn't know that he was supposed to vote twice. Adding his second vote to Defend Plus, the badge he obviously prefered.

Hammer Throw - 7
Defend Plus - 11

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#12yoda2323Posted 11/7/2010 12:12:25 AM
I feel I should point out that there's no point to voting twice when there's only 2 badges. You're either going to be voting for 1 badge twice or both badges once, and if you vote for both that won't change the outcome.
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#13KidBombPosted 11/7/2010 7:32:05 AM
Hammer Throw - 7
Defend Plus - 13
#14GreenHeroofTimePosted 11/7/2010 8:48:50 AM
Hammer Throw - 7
Defend Plus - 15