Why is it Paper Mario? Why not just Mario?

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I_am_always_me posted...
Toasting in an epic bread!

Sliced bread right?

Not right, diagonally.
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Just posting b/c this made me smile.
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h20 mario would be wet
aso posting in funny post
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Sorry I'm late. Busy being the Goddess of Light and whatnot.
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Wow. I simply must be part of this topic. ^ Big fan by the way Palutena.
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guwa posted...
I wish I had a 3DS.

You should get one ;)
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This is a game, but it's not just something you play.
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blazingflare posted...
Wow. I simply must be part of this topic. ^ Big fan by the way Palutena.

wait a second. I just realized I was already part of this topic. I was the 5th poster.

edit: Also. ON TO 500!
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I wonder who will be the 500th person to post in this topic! Bet it will be me lol jk
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