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PM vs TTYD - Day 37 - Carry-Type Partners (Parakarry vs. Yoshi)

#1LightningYoshiPosted 7/13/2012 8:53:56 PM
Welcome to the Paper Mario Comparison Topic!

This topic will contain SPOILERS!

There are several similarities between Paper Mario (Nintendo 64) and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Gamecube). These topics serve to compare the smaller aspects of the game. Cast aside are the age-old debates of overall storylines and thematic settings - instead, we'll be comparing things like items, badges, sidequests, etc.

(== Comparison Queue ==)
Character Themes - Twink's Theme vs. Flurrie's Theme
Strong-Looking Weaklings - Monstar vs. Armored Harriers
Whacka-doo! - Whacka (PM64) vs. Whacka (TTYD)
Defense-Busting Jumps - D-Down Jump vs. Soft Stomp
Peach Kidnappers - Koopa Troop vs. Secret Society of X-Nauts
Train Ride - K64 vs. Excess Express
Chapter 1 Castles - Koopa Bros. Fortress vs. Hooktail Castle
Spooky Bosses - Tubba Blubba vs. Doopliss
Threatening Enemies - Tutankoopa vs. Cortez
Early Ingredients - Goomnut vs. Horsetail
Star Piece Traders - Merlow vs. Dazzle
Final Boss Music - King of the Koopas vs. Shadow Queen Battle Music
Minor Character Designs - Paper Mario vs. The Thousand-Year Door
Mario's Design - Paper Mario vs. The Thousand-Year Door
Big Spooky Mansions - Boo's Mansion vs. Creepy Steeple
Message Boards - Paper Mario vs. The Thousand-Year Door
Item Animations - Paper Mario vs. The Thousand-Year Door
Ocean Travel - Giant Tuna (Whale!!!) vs. Flavio's/Cortez's Ships
Fun Side Activity - Li'l Oink Farm vs. Happy Lucky Lottery
Item Made Out of Hard-to-Obtanium - Diploma vs. Return Postage
Quiz Time! - 64th Trivia Quiz-off, Bowser Quizzes vs. 65th and 66th Super Fun Quirk Quizzes
So, who's this Mario guy again? - Buzzar vs Pennington
Optional Mini-bosses - Buzzar vs Atomic Boo
Species Elder - Yoshi Elder vs. Puni Elder
Prologue - A Plea from the Stars vs. A Rogue’s Welcome

Don't forget to nominate more topics! Don't forget to VOTE for tomorrow's topic!

Nominate topics to go into the Comparison Queue. Examples include Koopa Koot vs. Trouble Center, Repel Gel vs. Boo's Sheet, and Rowf's Shop vs. Lovely Howz of Badges.

Day 1 - Thrill Seekers - Kolorado vs. Flavio | 16-3
Day 2 - Chapter 3 Clubba Boss - Tubba Blubba vs. Macho Grubba | 3-20
Day 3 - Second-in-Command - Kammy Koopa vs. Lord Crump | 12-6
Day 4 - Vanish Partners - Lady Bow vs. Vivian | 9-16
Day 5 - Star Power Attacks - Star Storm vs. Earth Tremor | 6-9
Day 6 - Water Travel - Sushie vs. Boat Mode | 13-4
Day 7 - Penguin Detective Chapters - A Star Spirit on Ice vs. Three Days of Excess | 5-10
Day 8 - Ultra Boots - Ultra Boots (PM64) vs. Ultra Boots (TTYD) | 5-11
Day 9 - Crazy Contraptions - General Guy's Toy Tank vs. Lord Crump's Magnus von Grapple | 11-7
Day 10 - First Line - "Mail Call!" vs. "Mail Call!" | 6-3
Day 11 - Final Dungeons - Bowser's Castle vs. Palace of Shadow | 12-11
Day 12 - Best Final Boss - Bowser vs. Shadow Queen | 3-17
Day 13 - Chapter 7 - A Star Spirit on Ice vs. Mario Shoots the Moon | 19-3
Day 14 - Peach's Partners - Twink vs. TEC-XX | 9-17
Day 15 - Seven Stars - Star Spirits vs. Crystal Stars | 11-12
Day 16 - Peach Cooking Mini Game - Strawberry Cake vs. Invisibility Potion | 15-5
Day 17 - Recurring Enemy - Jr. Troopa vs. Lord Crump | 12-2
Day 18 - Luigi's View - Luigi's Diary vs. Luigi's Adventure | 3-20
#2LightningYoshi(Topic Creator)Posted 7/13/2012 8:54:05 PM
Day 19 - BLOOOOOOOOPER!!! - Bloopers vs. Blooper | 17-2
Day 20 - Retro-Style Easter Egg - Boo's Mansion Vase vs. X-Naut Dressing Room | 0-13
Day 21 - Koopa Partners - Kooper vs. Koops | 12-16
Day 22 - Goombas - Goombario vs. Goombella | 9-16
Day 23 - Chefs - Tayce T. vs. Zess T. | 4-15
Day 24 - Optional Boss - The Master vs. Bonetail | 12-13
Day 25 - Mini-Game Area - Playroom vs. Pianta Parlor | 2-15
Day 26 - Enemy Bases - Bowser's Castle vs. X-Naut Fortress | 15-3
Day 27 - Intro Scene - Star Rod Theft vs. Mystical Map Discovery | 9-3
Day 28 - Weapon/Ability/Power-up Explainer - Text Boxes vs. Toadette | 0-8
Day 29 - Bob-ombs - Bombette vs. Admiral Bobbery | 3-11
Day 30 - Sewage Contest - Toad Town Sewers vs. Rogueport Sewers | 5-12
Day 31 - Mail Delivery - Parakarry (snail) Mail vs. GBASP (E-)Mail | 9-1
Day 32 - Wind-Themed Partners - Lakilester vs. Flurrie | 15-4
Day 33 - Kammy Koopa - Kammy Koopa (PM64) vs. Kammy Koopa (TTYD) | 1-11
Day 34 - Defense-Piercing Partners - Watt vs. Ms. Mowz | 11-6
Day 35 - Better Title Screen - Paper Mario vs. The Thousand-Year Door | 3-11
Day 36 - Evil Team Comparison GO! - The Koopa Bros. vs. The Three Shadow Sirens/Beauties | 5-10

Day 37 - Carry-Type Partners - Parakarry vs. Yoshi

Paper Mario - Parakarry

This partner of yours may be scatter-brained, but he's no joke in battle. When you first meet up with me, he's looking for some letters he's dropped. Well, actually, he's dropped a lot of them. He helps you out in battle; you help him with his deliveries. He's got quite a few of 'em.

In the field, he can carry you across gaps. In battle, he can attack even ceiling opponents with his basic move or his powerful Shell Shot! He can carry opponents from battle (try it out on Jr. Troopa!) or shoot all over the place, destroying everything in his wake!

The Thousand-Year Door - Yoshi Kid

This partner of yours was initially gonna be part of your lunch, but an interesting turn of events puts him by your side - and good thing, too, because you'll need this guy to take down the Armored Harriers. He's got quite the attitude (and the language,) thanks to his experience sitting around locker rooms while you fought.

In the field, he can carry you across gaps, and he speeds your movement (like Lakilester did.) In battle, his attacks are composed of multiple, weak hits, but throw on some Power Lift and his damage output is insane! He can attack opponents with Ground Pound, or he can pierce their defenses with Gulp! (Even though the secondary hit isn't affected by attack boosts..) He can shrink enemies with Mini-Egg, or he can attack ALL (there's a typo in the game) opponents with Stampede!

Ready? VOTE!

I assume Yoshi Kid will take this one, but here's to hoping Parakarry puts up a good fight.

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#3Lolo_GuruPosted 7/13/2012 9:09:20 PM
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#4Will_1231Posted 7/13/2012 9:16:24 PM
You don't even have to guess that my pick is Yoshi. He's easily my favorite partner in the game and the series. In the field, he possesses two of the most convenient and often implemented abilities, combining both Parakarry and Lakilester into one. His attacks are also quite varied, and his Gulp attack is very exploitable, more so than even Watt's defense piercing attack. And since stat-boosting items and badges are easily obtainable in the game, the aforementioned multi-hit attacks can really pack quite the punch.

It's too bad for Parakarry that he happens to be last on my list of partners. You could say it makes this round quite unfair, but I still hold my ground. While he did have a bit of a niche in the early part of the first game, he really becomes just average later on, and his Air Lift is just a useless, toned down version of Bow's Spook ability. Not to mention that the time it takes for him to clear obstacles is rather sluggish when compared to his current opponent, and that's even when disregarding the speed boost your Yoshi will give you on the field.
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#5LightHawKnightPosted 7/13/2012 9:41:43 PM
Yoshi, he makes you go faster as well as carry you across gaps.
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#6Indigo209Posted 7/13/2012 10:07:31 PM(edited)
My vote goes to Yoshi, definitely.

Neither Yoshi nor Parakarry were particularly stellar in battle, but Yoshi's multi-hit attacks were easily exploitable if you were willing to go that route. Parakarry, well... Sky Dive is weak and hard to pull off, Shell Shot would be great if it was his basic move and didn't cost FP, and Air Lift was pretty useless compared to Spook or Hurricane. Air Raid was good, but it was pretty FP-heavy.

Also, Yoshi's spunky personality, his tendency to call Mario "Gonzales," and your ability to name him make him way more charming than a Parakarry's bland mailman-ness. Finally, Yoshi's a lifesaver on the overworld, since he lets you zip around everywhere with great speed.

Oh, and he's a Yoshi, my favorite Mario species. Not that I'm biased or anything. :3
#7VipsoccermasterPosted 7/14/2012 12:23:40 AM
LightningYoshi, Yoshi would be my choice, no doubt. Like Indigo209 said, Yoshi is one of my favorite characters and species, too.
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#8MetaFalconPunchPosted 7/14/2012 6:45:10 AM
Yoshi was by far the best PM partner of either game.
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#9Wall_of_WegeePosted 7/14/2012 6:46:55 AM
Yoshi. He rocks.
#10StarSpriteZeroPosted 7/14/2012 7:15:12 AM
Yoshi kid definitely
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