Review embargo just lifted. WIll post them as they come in.

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klecser posted...
I would call losing the move completely a pretty significant tactical decision in itself. Your argument is basically that all moves should be open to you at all times and that challenge should be solely in the order that you use them. In this game, not only is the challenge of what order to use them present, but adds the additional element of the likelihood that you can't even use the move at all. So, this is actually ADDED difficulty, but you are somehow interpreting that as "simpler".

That's not what my argument is "basically" at all. My point is that in the point system, the move becomes usable again if you have the points for it. Your choice to expend points on the move weighs often on your time/turn and money to use an item to make it usable again. More importantly, your capacity to use other smaller value moves is reduced by using a larger value move. I also never stated that the sticker system was simpler.

Many reviews have explained that the Coins system becomes critical later on and the added coins that you get from finishing earlier battles with more efficient "stickers" are needed to use on the Battle spinner later on. So, if you completely avoid battles, you have no coins and some bosses require two hit combos to even damage them.

Fair point in this regard.
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MetalKirbyPlush posted...
More importantly, your capacity to use other smaller value moves is reduced by using a larger value move.

Just like how your capacity to carry smaller value stickers is reduced by the number of large stickers you put in your album?
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Reviews for Mario games are a joke. They will always rate high simply for being Mario games.
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Pieman0920 posted...
Fighting mooks gets you stickers, but overall they are supposed to be obstacles. You don't actively seek them unless you want EXP, and that's just grinding. Some people get a kick out of grinding, but personally I see it as a good thing to skip out the middleman here. It worked very well in the Battle Network series, and I believe it can work well here too.

Well, you still had to do a ton of fighting in BN to get your desired chips, and in some cases to find rare encounters or upgrade a style. You were still grinding, more or less, but with the end out of clear sight (ie: you stopped when you found the chips you were looking for, defeated the V3 boss, leveled your style, etc. Could take twenty minutes, could take two hours.)

Here, I see it as a means of just amassing coins for spins during boss fights (or bigger mobs that potentially give big coin payouts) or better sticker drops, assuming that earning stickers after a battle is not a rare surprise, but something we can take for granted.
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Kid Icarus: Uprising got very mixed reviews and is IMO by far the best original 3DS game. Considering that, I'm not really worried about some of the lower scores.

If you ask me, the only major complaint from that game was the controls.