Thoughts: they create a new Mario rpg series based around turn based strategy

#1McmadnessV3Posted 11/8/2012 7:47:25 AM
You know, like final fantasy tactics or fire emblem or whatever your favourite turn based strategy rpg game is.

I thin it would be a cool idea, it would give plenty of ways to use old Mario characters in new different ways. And you could make your party up of various types of Mario characters, from major people like Mario, Bowser, Luigi, Peach, etc etc, to small things like goombas, koopas, toads, shyguys etc etc
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#2Giles_GlicerPosted 11/8/2012 7:54:09 AM
I love strategy-RPG. I almost forgot how I played so many hours of Ogre Battle 64 and Final Fantasy Tactics.
#3Crazy_tank51Posted 11/8/2012 7:57:19 AM
There's no need, they could just as easily put out another Advance Wars. Still might be interesting...
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#4ApolloJusticeAAPosted 11/8/2012 8:07:41 AM
it sounds like a nice concept and knowing mario it would have a unique twist to it, but that isnt really my cup of tea FF tactics and fire emblem werent really my games. I would have to see how it played out before i bought it. still a nice idea though
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#5JiriliciousPosted 11/8/2012 9:03:06 AM
Would be awesome imo
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#6Sephiroth C RyuPosted 11/8/2012 9:09:16 AM
Would not only be awesome, but would be workable. Naturally, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and other characters like that would be the "hero units." However, the mario-verse is actually quite filled with a lot of different iconic minor characters and enemies which could serve welll as standard units.

About the hardest part would be to come up with enough different units for the "mushroom kingdom" side to keep it in line with the variety available for other places (in particular, Bowser, with his rather impressively varied range of forces). Unless you go the Paper Mario route and basically make most of the races neutral overall (i.e. allow goombas, koopas, etc to be used by more then one side).
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#7MarsfordPosted 11/8/2012 9:19:42 AM
If they somehow combine a simple but deep Paper Mario SRPG AND give it levels of exploration and difficulty...

10/10 right there.

Of course, it'll never happen.
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#8Chaosmaster00Posted 11/8/2012 9:51:11 AM
SMT: Devil Survivor series hit right at home for me.

If they can replicate a similarly styled game with the true-blue Mario RPG humor... Insta-preorder.
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#9Sephiroth C RyuPosted 11/8/2012 2:54:15 PM
The ideal style for such a game might be, at its core, a slightly more serious version of Disgaea.
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#10DougyBPosted 11/8/2012 2:58:39 PM
The shape of Mario RPG's landscapes already look like an SRPG. Seems it would work well.