My Reaction to all your whining on the Mario Series

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People are Just really picky these days
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JustPlainLucas posted...
People have a right to complain about Star Sticker, though. I understand change is good, but change for the sake of change isn't. The consumable battle mechanic and lack of XP is not a good change. In my opinion, they should have refined and built on the mechanics of The Thousand Year Door, and it would have been the perfect game.

Haha, all these things are opinions, and I feel obliged to share my own: the battle mechanics in Sticker Star are addictive. I haven't come close to running out of stickers and I fight almost every enemy I see, just for the fun of it. Even after I used about half my stickers fighting a big boss, I filled up my empty spaces pretty fast and now I'm always on the verge of having too many stickers. Sheesh. People act like this sticker thing is terrible, but it's the opposite: it's awesome.
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