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review this game in 1 word

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3 years ago#1
"buy a man a woman and get him laid for one night, teach a man to womanize and get him laid for a lifetime."
3 years ago#2
I am not allowed to use such immoderate language...
*Official Quark of the Zero Escape board!*
--------------3DS FC: 1289-8486-6925--------------
3 years ago#3
3 years ago#4
3 years ago#5
Alt to Millamac: The Official Apollo Justice of all boards
3 years ago#6
~~~V Smash Bros Moveset Making Paradise V~~~
3 years ago#7
(message deleted)
3 years ago#9
That's it for me Lol, Unless Mario Bros HD or ZombiU blows my face off.
3 years ago#10
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